11 February 2010

Just some new gossip

Well, my New Year's resolution was to occasionally post newsy things on my blog (which is actually a first). As you can see, it takes me a while to get around to things that don't have due dates.

1st Due date explanation:
I have been working in Finance at Mercy Ships for a month now, paying bills that have these so-called due dates. The job has been both challenging and frustrating, but I am expanding my finely tuned set o' skills. Is accounting in my future? We shall see... The job is only temporary for the time being; I am filling in for someone who is making a trip to the Africa Mercy, which has recently arrived in Lome, Togo for the 2011 field service. While I wish I was in Togo (and perhaps away from the snowy, cold weather) my "adventures" here in Texas include this new "temp" job, taking a break from uni, going to bed early, and hanging out with my parents - yes, I have become a home-body.

2nd Due date explanation:
I am now just over 30 weeks pregnant. And while I am nervous and terrified of what this means (and will mean around 21 April), I am quite excited. Monday I start childbirthing classes with my fellow preggers and good friend, Madison. I apologize if this is new information to you (I wasn't really trying to keep secrets) but to be very, very honest for a minute, it's not the ideal situation and was therefore kept on the down-low (the DL for you gangsters). So while I'm not too sure of what my future holds other than dirty diapers and a tight budget, for now, I am taking advantage of the time away from studies, etc.

In other news, ... wait that's basically it!

Hopefully all is well with you, my lovely, captive, and attentive audience. :)



  1. praying for you, girlfriend! and baby too!

    -Shannon, Greg, Erin & Matt

  2. Love you,praying,looking forward to seeing you and our sweet GREAT grand-daughter!