18 July 2010

Push and shove, rubber glove, turtle dove, LOVE!

Since my last post, what has transpired?

Meet the little VIP:

Violett keeps me quite busy with all sorts of things. Usually she's my little sidekick who just happens to be way cuter than I am, but I do do things like feed her, bathe her, blah blah blah. We participate in activities like walk around, lie on our backs, and talk jibberish. She's the kind of person who says "I love you" by throwing up sour milk down your shirt, the kind of person who poops and then giggles about it, the type of person who likes to party when normal people are safely tucked into bed for the evening. She pulls it all off rather well, all things considered.

In an attempt to teach her more about the great country of Canada, we watched "Strange Brew", with ol' Bob & Doug McKenzie, but she may be a little young yet.

Even though she's apparently not interested in visiting Canada, she is a very accomplished traveler, especially for someone not even three months old.

She's been to 10 US states

Dipped her little toes in the Atlantic Ocean

Visited Sea World

Gone to a college graduation

and attended a wedding

Fairly impressive.

I've tried to instill in her a sense of style (obviously inherited from moi) but she usually throws up on the stylish outfits I put her in ... in which I put her. Am I deterred? Absolutely not. Throwing up is one of her favorite pastimes, so I consider it more her seal of approval.

What do we do on a normal day?
We usually begin the day with a good stretch around 0700, followed by a little breakfast at 0800. We watch the news, consume our drink of choice (milk for her, coffee for me), practice holding basic items (usually ones that rattle), listen to Mozart or Coldplay, walk outside in the shade, repeat. Of course there is diaper changing, clothes changing, bath-time, and the occasional nap thrown in the mix. Usually around 2200 she will get sleepy, then wake up at 0700 to start the whole process again.

Sometimes I work around the VIP's schedule, doing fun and exciting things like dishes, laundry, and general home-upkeep. On some special occasions we even leave the house. After little Goopy shuts her eyes for the night, I get my work done for Mercy Ships, then pass out - or try to. It's the thought that counts, right?

The nights, however ... sometimes Violett wakes up and decides she would rather browse and carouse her little crib instead of sleeping. Other evenings, she stays in a state of half-sleep - moaning, groaning, tossing, turning, honking, squeaking, farting, wheezing, huffing, puffing, snoring ... she can be a little loud sometimes.

But, I've got the push and shove, rubber glove, turtle dove, LOVE for her.
She's pretty much the coolest person ever.


01 April 2010

I miss you already.

It doesn't make any sense.
It's so hard to trust God when you don't understand, but I suppose that's what faith is all about.

But now, thus says the LORD, your Creator, O Jacob,
And He who formed you, O Israel,
"Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name; you are mine!
"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they will not overflow you
When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched,
Nor will the flame burn you."

To Hector, the most talented, beautiful soul I've been blessed to know.
I'll love you forever, and I'll see you someday in Heaven.

I won't ever forget what you told me. Not ever.

23 March 2010

What's cooking?

I feel like I've been pregnant for 5 years.

Every other "mom-to-be" seems to be in the express lane, making their kids like a TV dinner instant meal, and here I am with a Thanksgiving dinner in my stomach....taking forever.

I guess this way is better, TV dinners don't have much nutritional value anyway.
....................That doesn't really sound right.
I don't eat children.

I'll stop now.

Then there are the women who have babies like they're on a mission to repopulate the planet ... in a hurry ... who are "Supermoms". The kind that have perfectly well-behaved children and still manage to look stunning ... (Yes, Mia, you.)

How do you turn into one of those?

But........I think even those mothers would admit that they have no idea what is going on. I never know what's going on. I didn't even have to become a parent to admit that.


PS. I don't like my obstetrician's moustache.

12 March 2010

The Upper-lip Stain

This is dedicated to Perry Ruiz: a really classy guy.

Over the years, we have been plagued by what common society calls "the moustache".

What causes this phenomenon, and what would possess someone to choose this lifestyle?

Men (and the occasional hairy-faced woman) are under the false impression that they look appealing and/or attractive.

The problem could be caused, and certainly escalated by a personal lack of razors, or other trimming equipment. In younger adults, the appearance of a moustache (it's worst form, in my opinion) is a young man's bragging right. "Hey, I'm going through puberty, check out the 'stache!"

There are many different types of these horrendous anomalies. Let's take a little tour, shall we?

The Hungarian:

The Toothbrush: (aka: the Hitler 'stache)

The Handlebar:

The Fu Manchu:

Note-worthy people with a Fu Manchu? Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. Exactly.

Other styles include the "Walrus", the "Chevron", and the "Pencil, which I can't even bring myself to include a picture of, due to my gag-reflex.
If you have a moustache, you are automatically a creeper. Sorry, that's just how it goes.

Conclusion is this: if you are not one of these two men, you should say "NO" to the moustache.


01 March 2010

I'm All Complainy

Back to work in HR ... I feel I have more skill and intelligence than what this project is demanding. I'm sure everyone feels like that with their job from time to time.
Otherwise regarding work: upon my return to the department that hires and fires (among other things) I found someone had commandeered my work space, so I have relocated to the back of the building. The office is huge (though accommodating for an increasingly large person such as myself) with no windows and no visitors. At some point I will have to find a way to stealthily and slyly take back my personal items from the other station ... highlighters, pens, paper clips, etc.

I am attempting to decide whether or not to take internet classes this summer for college. Attempting is the key word there... my summer seems pretty full already. I'm not having much luck; perhaps I should bet on it.... if I sneeze in the next five minutes (good probability there) I will take classes. If I cough.......then no school.

ack ack

Other useless updates:

The new Train album is the best

My back hurts

Button is as big as a honeydew melon

I'll be indulging on a Big Mac tonight

I sat through 4 seasons of pure injustice with Prison Break, only to be completely let down by the ending last night!

On my quest for a perfectly relaxing cd, I came across an album with my favorite classical tunes with "enthralling sounds of the night". Unfortunately, the cd is crickets chirping very loudly on every track, with my favorite classical tunes playing softly in the back ground. (Maybe) the worst $2.56 I've ever spent. ...Maybe.

My back hurts

My back hurts

My back hurts


11 February 2010

Just some new gossip

Well, my New Year's resolution was to occasionally post newsy things on my blog (which is actually a first). As you can see, it takes me a while to get around to things that don't have due dates.

1st Due date explanation:
I have been working in Finance at Mercy Ships for a month now, paying bills that have these so-called due dates. The job has been both challenging and frustrating, but I am expanding my finely tuned set o' skills. Is accounting in my future? We shall see... The job is only temporary for the time being; I am filling in for someone who is making a trip to the Africa Mercy, which has recently arrived in Lome, Togo for the 2011 field service. While I wish I was in Togo (and perhaps away from the snowy, cold weather) my "adventures" here in Texas include this new "temp" job, taking a break from uni, going to bed early, and hanging out with my parents - yes, I have become a home-body.

2nd Due date explanation:
I am now just over 30 weeks pregnant. And while I am nervous and terrified of what this means (and will mean around 21 April), I am quite excited. Monday I start childbirthing classes with my fellow preggers and good friend, Madison. I apologize if this is new information to you (I wasn't really trying to keep secrets) but to be very, very honest for a minute, it's not the ideal situation and was therefore kept on the down-low (the DL for you gangsters). So while I'm not too sure of what my future holds other than dirty diapers and a tight budget, for now, I am taking advantage of the time away from studies, etc.

In other news, ... wait that's basically it!

Hopefully all is well with you, my lovely, captive, and attentive audience. :)