01 March 2010

I'm All Complainy

Back to work in HR ... I feel I have more skill and intelligence than what this project is demanding. I'm sure everyone feels like that with their job from time to time.
Otherwise regarding work: upon my return to the department that hires and fires (among other things) I found someone had commandeered my work space, so I have relocated to the back of the building. The office is huge (though accommodating for an increasingly large person such as myself) with no windows and no visitors. At some point I will have to find a way to stealthily and slyly take back my personal items from the other station ... highlighters, pens, paper clips, etc.

I am attempting to decide whether or not to take internet classes this summer for college. Attempting is the key word there... my summer seems pretty full already. I'm not having much luck; perhaps I should bet on it.... if I sneeze in the next five minutes (good probability there) I will take classes. If I cough.......then no school.

ack ack

Other useless updates:

The new Train album is the best

My back hurts

Button is as big as a honeydew melon

I'll be indulging on a Big Mac tonight

I sat through 4 seasons of pure injustice with Prison Break, only to be completely let down by the ending last night!

On my quest for a perfectly relaxing cd, I came across an album with my favorite classical tunes with "enthralling sounds of the night". Unfortunately, the cd is crickets chirping very loudly on every track, with my favorite classical tunes playing softly in the back ground. (Maybe) the worst $2.56 I've ever spent. ...Maybe.

My back hurts

My back hurts

My back hurts



  1. you make me laugh! I'm glad you see, the things to be thankful for... like a bigger office! hah! And Button may be the same size as a honeydew, but I know she is much cuter and I haven't even seen her! can't wait!

  2. Hey lady - I've got an Owl City cd that you might like. It's pretty calming and super cute. Want it? I can burn it for you! Or you can find something lovely and calming in my music.

    Up to half my kingdom, yo majesty.

  3. I'm liking this! It feels like you're a little closer:) Button is sooo much cuter than a melon and I'm willing to bet that she is also more delicious! Not that we bite babies.
    I'm going to check out that TRAIN cd.
    love you.